Guidelines for registering and taking exams

According to the Book of Rules on Studying at the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split

The exam in one registered course can be taken four times (3+1) at most during the academic year in which the course is registered.

The exam taken for the forth time is held before the examination committee consisting of three members.

A student failing to pass the same exam taken for the forth time (before the examination committee) is obliged to register that course again in the following academic year.

A student can apply for a re-registered course only once, i.e. one course can be registered only two times and be signed up for the exam 8 times at most over the period of two academic years (3+1 each year).

If the exam in the re-registered course is not passed after 8 attempts (the last exam being held before the examination committee), the student loses his/her right to resume the registered study programme.

The exam registration stays open until three days before the exam date.

The cancelling deadline of the registered exam is one working day prior to the exam date.

Example A) For the exam taking place on Monday, the registration deadline is Wednesday at 23:59, while the cancellation deadline is Friday at 23:59.

Example B) For the exam taking place on Friday, the registration deadline is Monday 23:59, while the cancellation deadline is Wednesday at 23:59.

Currently, exceptionally, the registration and cancellation deadlines are set 1 day prior to the exam date, i.e. the deadlines for the exam registration and cancellation are the same.

Given the changes in the Syllabi and Curricula of the study programmes, and in compliance with the Book of Rules on Studying, Article 39, a student re-registering the second year of the undergraduate study programme in the academic year 2014/2015 shall apply for the new (amended) study programme and the supplemental courses, in line with the new curriculum.

Dear students, please keep in mind the facts and regulations laid out in the Faculty rulebooks in order to maintain your student rights.