Admission applications – Category A

Category A applicants submit the applications for the State Graduation Exam and for admission to all study programmes at the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split through the National Information and Application System for Higher Education Institutions / Nacionalni informacijski sustav prijava na visoka učilišta (NISpVU), accessed via the web site


Criteria for drawing up the admission ranking list (Category A)

The admission ranking lists for individual study programmes are drawn up based on the valued merits:

  1. success in previous secondary education,
  2. passed exams at the State Graduation Exam, and
  3. special achievements.



Overall grade point average (GPA)

30,00 %


Croatian language

Level B

20,00 %


Level B

20,00 %

Foreign language

Level B

20,00 %

Elective subjects (not required): Physics, Information Science*

10,00 %


Completed maritime secondary school

10,00 %

1st to 3rd place in state competitions in Mathematics, Physics, Information Science and English language

5,00 %

1st to 3rd category sportspersons

5,00 %

* Physics is valued for the admission to the following study programmes: Nautical Engineering, Marine Engineering and Marine Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies.

* Information Science is valued for the admission to the following study programmes: Maritime Management and Yacht and Marina Technologies.


Proof of special achievements

Applicants having the proof of special achievements (completed maritime secondary school) shall fill in the Proof of Special Achievements Form (available at the Students' Office) and shall deliver the proof to the Students' Office:

  1. by 10 July 2014 – for the summer enrolment term.
  2. In the autumn enrolment term - only for the study programmes with vacancies remaining after the summer classification and admission term - by the deadline that will be set afterwards.

The applicants shall attach the maritime secondary school leaving certificate.