Adriatic Sea Forum - cruise, ferry, sail & yacht

We are pleased to inform you about the next edition of Adriatic Sea Forum - cruise, ferry, sail & yacht, international event dedicated to maritime tourism in the Adriatic Sea, will take place on the 23 rd and 24 th April 2015 in Dubrovnik.

Perhaps you are already familiar with Risposte Turismo, a consulting company that, in addition to the present activities, has been organising since 2011 the Italian Cruise Day, involving also the initiative Carriere@ICD dedicated to alumni looking for jobs, and since 2013 the Adriatic Sea Forum, with its initiative Alumni@ASF.

Adriatic Sea Forum is the first event to bring together, under the one spotlight, all the different alternatives for passengers transport and tourism by sea, involving professionals, entrepreneurs, public administrators, and researchers that identify their own areas of interest and operation as belonging to these sectors. Adriatic Sea Forum wishes to be an important international event dedicated to tourism and maritime passenger transport with a special attention paid to the involvement of alumni from European universities by offering them a unique opportunity to meet, exchange information and learn through their active participation to discussions of the Forum.

Adriatic Sea Forum offers for this 2015 edition 50 free entrancesto students and recent graduates: they need to apply on the Forum's website ( fulfilling the form within March 15th 2015.

In the light of the role you perform and with the intent to give to the initiative the wide appeal, we kindly ask you for your availability to publicise the information in a way you consider appropriate, such as a newsletter, a news on the website, or something you usually do to inform students about initiatives. Attached you will find a poster, A4 size, that we ask you to print and announce, and wish you need further information or materials do not hesitate to contact us so as we can provide what you need. 
If useful, we remember you that our social profiles are on Twitter (@AdriaticSeaForum) and on LinkedIn (AdriaticSea Forum).

Looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience, we are at your full disposal for any further information and we hope to meet you in Dubrovnik on the next 23rd and 24th April.

Yours sincerely, Alberto Ranieri
ASF Staff